Emily + Ben: Legacy Hill Farm

When I got Emily + Ben’s inquiry last winter for June 9th, I seriously debated whether or not I wanted to take it for 2 reasons. 1. I was pretty booked for June already and 2. June 9th is my birthday. Can I just say- MAN I am so glad that I didn’t pass it up. Now to start, I could tell you all about how amazing this day was from on and off rain all morning through the ceremony (Em is a champ and decided to keep the ceremony outside despite the rain and it was beautiful), the incredible rainbow that showed up just before dinner, and then the clear skied golden hour we got later but with these two that was just the beginning of what made this day crazy cool.

The people are what knocked it right out of the park. Emily and Ben are the kind of humans that make you feel instantly welcome, valued, and down right good at life. Golly, it was so evident on this day how well they love people by the way I watched their friends and family members love on them. So many tears were shed by the moms, dads, bridesmaids, groom, bride, AND even some of the groomsmen. Seriously how often do you see multiple groomsmen get choked up and shed a tear or two?! Pretty sure they could have made a lake with all the happy tears. Stories upon stories were shared of how Emily or Ben had impacted lives by going out of their way to help a friend in need. So many hugs, so many laughs, so many cheers, so many thoughtful moments, so much dancing (y’all shoulda seen them dance to The Greatest Show, I’ve never seen two people flail their limbs more aggressively), so much fun from the second I arrived to the sparkler exit at the end of the night. I have no doubt that these two will love hard and do big things together.

Goodness, I was lucky to be a part of it. They welcomed me with open arms, lots of birthday wishes, and even a sweet little gift that made me want to cry. This day was completely about the two of them showing the love of Jesus they know by making this commitment to one another and inviting their people to revel in it with them. I still find myself tearing up looking at these photos a month later- check ‘em out.

Venue: Legacy Hill Farm,

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

Florals: The Bride

Food: This Little Piggy Catering

Donuts: Hans Bakery