Jenna + Tim: Engagement

I’ve known Jenna for awhile- she’s the big sister of one my best friend’s from college so I got to know her throughout my years at Bethel and then when that sweet friend of mine moved away, Jenna and I kept in contact! She would let me come hang out with her, Fig (the fluffiest kitten on the planet), and Tonka (the sweetest pup) while we’d make dinner and chat. To say the least I love this gal and I was beside myself when she found her person, Tim (as pictured;) ) and asked me to capture a piece of their love story. The next few weeks can go by quick, I am so ready to celebrate these two alongside their family + friends.

Emily + Ben: Legacy Hill Farm

When I got Emily + Ben’s inquiry last winter for June 9th, I seriously debated whether or not I wanted to take it for 2 reasons. 1. I was pretty booked for June already and 2. June 9th is my birthday. Can I just say- MAN I am so glad that I didn’t pass it up. Now to start, I could tell you all about how amazing this day was from on and off rain all morning through the ceremony (Em is a champ and decided to keep the ceremony outside despite the rain and it was beautiful), the incredible rainbow that showed up just before dinner, and then the clear skied golden hour we got later but with these two that was just the beginning of what made this day crazy cool.

The people are what knocked it right out of the park. Emily and Ben are the kind of humans that make you feel instantly welcome, valued, and down right good at life. Golly, it was so evident on this day how well they love people by the way I watched their friends and family members love on them. So many tears were shed by the moms, dads, bridesmaids, groom, bride, AND even some of the groomsmen. Seriously how often do you see multiple groomsmen get choked up and shed a tear or two?! Pretty sure they could have made a lake with all the happy tears. Stories upon stories were shared of how Emily or Ben had impacted lives by going out of their way to help a friend in need. So many hugs, so many laughs, so many cheers, so many thoughtful moments, so much dancing (y’all shoulda seen them dance to The Greatest Show, I’ve never seen two people flail their limbs more aggressively), so much fun from the second I arrived to the sparkler exit at the end of the night. I have no doubt that these two will love hard and do big things together.

Goodness, I was lucky to be a part of it. They welcomed me with open arms, lots of birthday wishes, and even a sweet little gift that made me want to cry. This day was completely about the two of them showing the love of Jesus they know by making this commitment to one another and inviting their people to revel in it with them. I still find myself tearing up looking at these photos a month later- check ‘em out.

Venue: Legacy Hill Farm,

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

Florals: The Bride

Food: This Little Piggy Catering

Donuts: Hans Bakery

Sam + Nic: Machine Shop Minneapolis

When I first met Sam and Nic it was at their engagement session and I knew right away that I was going to like them for 2 reasons- 1. The first thing we did was get ice cream cones and 2. They laughed basically the entire time. And while we didn’t have ice cream on their wedding day nothing changed with their endless belly laughs besides a few tears of joy that joined in on all the fun. From start to finish, it was such a blast to spend time with these two. They are so genuine and down to earth- I would recommend making them your friends ASAP. Basically you should not go through life never knowing the Kramer’s.

Madeline + Brett

What. A. Freaking. Celebration. Madeline and Brett were high school sweethearts who got married on a warm Friday in the middle of September overlooking a cliff in Taylors Falls, MN with 20 some of the dearest people in their lives. A first look at sunrise, a hike up to the cliff with their guests, and an enchanted breakfast in the woods as the sun continued to come up. My heart was overjoyed as I listened to every single guest share stories and advice with the newly weds over quiche and donuts. After breakfast we headed over to the local mini golf course and drive-in for a couple of holes and mugs of root beer. 

AND THAT WAS NOT THE END. Post nap time (which was needed by all after a very early and busy morning) we all headed to William O'Brien State Park where Brett and Madeline's family and friend's had transformed the park into their reception venue. Twinkle lights everywhere, antique furniture placed in-between patches of forest, and chandelier's hung from tree branches. The two chatted with their guests until the sky got dark and they had their first dance under all the lights. I am so incredibly thankful to have been a part of their special day and to have gained such wonderful new friends. Madeline and Brett- I hope you guys know you're never getting rid of me now. ;)